Travel from South Africa to Germany during Covid

The rules for travelling between countries are changing daily. I would like to share my experience about travelling from South Africa to Germany on the 6th of January 2021.

It is important to note that I have residence in both countries and are therefore allowed to travel between them. Tourist travel to Germany is not allowed at the moment. This can of course change at any time.

I was booked with Lufthansa, for a direct flight from Johannesburg to Frankfurt. Please not that currently the rules for connection flights are different.
The following paperwork were required:

We did our Covid Test at OR Tambo. The Test centre is opposite the InterContinental Hotel. There is a big statue of O.R Tambo. There were four mini vans that was converted to mobile test centres. We arrived at around 10:40. There was already a queue. Take a pen with you to fill in the forms. You stand in one queue to make your payment, then go to another queue to do the test. We waited about 45 minutes to pay and another 50 minutes to get to the test vehicle. The test itself takes about a minute. They did a nose swab in one nose cavity. Keep your invoice as this is proof of your test. You will receive a sms with your results and you can then contact them to email it to you or you can collect your results the next day at the mobile test centres. We received our results at around 03:15 the next morning. The test date and time is on the report.

Arriving at O.R Tambo the next day, we had to go to the domestic section to drop off our bags. Our passports and Residence cards were checked before you can go to the counters. At the counter they asked for a Covid test report. After that you go to security, there they ask for the Exit Questionnaire.

At the boarding gates, you are again asked for your passport and residence permit. The boarding procedure was as per normal. We were told on the plane that the German authorities require an “Einreisemeldung”. You could fill out one on the plane.

Arriving in Frankfurt, we were told than we can de-plane 30 pax at a time. The border police were waiting for us and checked for passports, residence permits, Einreisemeldung and your negative covid test results. Plan some extra time in for this.

Customs and passport control was a per normal. After collecting our luggage the process was also as per normal.

We boarded a train to Stuttgart and will stay in quarantine for 5 days, after which we will do another Covid test. If this is negative we are released from quarantine.