Corona PCR Test at Stuttgart Airport

Here is a short description of the Covid PCR Test a friend of mine did at the beginning of December. This was for travel purposes which you have to pay for yourself.

The person made an online appointment at the Stuttgart Airport Medical Centre. The Centre is on the 1st Floor to the right if you stand in front of the building. When we last checked there were no more appointments available for December 2020.

The appointment was scheduled for 10:30. They arrived at the Medical Centre and reported at the reception desk where you have to present your appointment confirmation.
After checking your documentation you are redirected to a queue. When you get to the front of the queue they ask for your Medical insurance card, if you do not have one all your details must be filled in manually. You must also present some form of identification like your “Ausweis”
You then pay for the consultation which was €54,96

Next you will go to the testing booth and fill in the forms. Hint take your own pen with. They do a normal test with a swab, first in your throat then in both your nose cavities

When finished, you will be given piece of paper with a QR code on it , with this code you can check your status at the CeGat Labs website.

You will receive a separate bill for the lab work, The total was €65

If your test results re positive, they will phone you. You will receive confirmation that the test is being processed (by checking the website) at around 15:00 the following day. The results in the case of my friend was available at 16:15. They were able to download the results as a PDF file. The report was in German and English. They show two dates on the report, one is the test date (only date no time) and the other is the result date, also no time.

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