Blautopf and the Schöne Lau

The Blautopf  is a beautiful spring in Blaubeuren, Germany.
It is the source of the river Blau which flows into the Danube.
There are many folk tales about the Blautopf, the most well known that of the Schöne Lau, a mermaid and her husband, a water nix from the Black Sea.
According to legend the Schöne Lau was banished to the Blautopf  by her husband because she was always sad and could not laugh.  She was doomed to live there until she laughed five times. Only then could she return  and give birth to a living child. The Beautiful Lau makes friends with Frau Betha, the landlady of an inn nearby. The good-natured and wise Betha finally helps the mermaid to laugh five times

Know before you go

  • The best time to visit is on a sunny day in Summer. The intensity of the blue water can vary according to the weather.
  • Blaubeuren is 16 km from Ulm.
  • There are train and bus services to Blaubeuren.
  • There is a gift shop.
  • Entrance is free.

The experience

A German friend invited us for a visit Blaubeuren and took us to see the Blaufopf and the Kloster nearby.   Afterwards we ate freshly caught trout at a restaurant just outside town.  I visited a couple of times after that, taking friends to marvel not only at the beauty of the Blautopf but also the surrounding nature.

DSC00553 DSC01564

The Blautopf gets its blue colour from the limestone in the water. The deepest end is 21 meters. Diving is allowed but only for experienced divers and only through authorised organisations.

DSC01567 DSC01562

Other worthwhile attractions around the Blautopf is the hiking trails into the  Schwäbischen Alb and the Kloster Blaubeuren.
There is a good choice of regional restaurants, or you could indulge your sweet tooth at one of the many bakeries in town.


The awesome stuff

Tranquil beauty.
Easily accessible.

The less awesome stuff

It can become overcrowded during peak season and weekends.

The verdict

It is a very nice day trip, definitely worth seeing.

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  1. Thank you for the great blog. I can also from personal experience recommend Blautopf for a day trip as it is absolutely beautiful there.

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